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Rapid Tests

Amnicator Test - Simple rapid test for the diagnosis of ruptured fetal membranes (PROM)

  • Individually packaged, sterile vaginal swabs, Ready to use
  • Clear and unambiguous interpretation
  • Result within 30 seconds
  • Easy to use and immediate diagnosis
  • Store at room temperature

Precision & sensitivity

The characteristic of the test is the detection of the intravaginal pH-value. The detection of tiny amounts of amniotic fluid results in a significant color change of the Aminikator tests.

Test prinziple
The Aminikator test is a quick and simple test for the diagnosis of ruptured fetal membranes (PROM). Tiny amounts of amniotic fluid changes the intravaginal pH-value and causes in a color change of the indicator. The pH-value increases significantly by women with ruptured membranes. Vaginal swabs, which are impregnated with the reliable indicator Nitrazin, show us the changes which occurs after a rupture against the normal acidic environment. The pH-value of pregnant women is in the range of ph 4.5 to 6.0, while the amniotic fluid is distinctly alkaline between ph 7.0 to 7.5.

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